Aangepaste openingstijden tijdens de feestdagen

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The Living is van zondag 24 december t/m maandag 1 januari gesloten i.v.m. de feestdagen. Vanaf dinsdag 2 januari kunnen jullie weer volop genieten van al het heerlijks. Fijne feestdagen, iedereen!

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Due to holidays The Living will be closed from Sunday December 24th until Monday January 1st. You can expect your favourite dishes to be back starting Tuesday January 2nd. Happy holidays, everybody!

Woohoo! We’ve got the certificate of excellence!

Geschreven door The Living. Gepubliceerd in Nieuws


Ever since we opened our doors, thanks to all of you wonderful people, we’ve had a consistent run in the top rankings of every major and minor customer-review platform, including TripAdvisor. Today, after two years of hard work and a consistent top-ranking, we’ve finally received our Certificate of Excellence! We’d like to thank all of you who’ve taken the time to write such beautiful words. We read each and every review and every word is taken to heart. When you’re a small, personal business, and especially idealistic, online reviews can really make or break you. In our case, these small gestures reward the meticulous care that we put in our food and place and they infuse our spirit to keep going strong. Thank you!

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